The final conference of the First Blockchain (Crypto) Caravan was held

The final conference of the First Blockchain (Crypto) Caravan was held in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina. The caravan was initiated by the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism with the aim of bringing the business with digital assets closer to the domestic economy and individuals through expert workshops. The Crypto Caravan visited seven cities in Serbia where workshops were held, presenting current topics in the field of digital assets.

During this event, Anina Milanović, a representative of the Securities Commission and Director of the Department for International Cooperation and Development, delivered a lecture in which she presented the regulatory framework related to digital assets. She also presented the process of issuing digital tokens to the public and outlined the advantages of raising additional capital through the issuance of digital tokens as a means of financing companies, particularly in their initial stages of operation.

Milanović emphasized that the Securities Commission supports educational events and stressed the importance of such events and cooperation between the private and public sectors to promote the digital asset market. She underscored the necessity of working on financial literacy, education, and raising awareness in this area.