Тhe Financial Stability Committee was founded by the Serbian Government, National Bank of Serbia (NBS), Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) and Securities Commission on 9 December 2013. The Agreement on Financial Stability Committee, a coordination and advisory body which promotes and strengthens cooperation between the above institutions, was signed by NBS Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković, Minister of Finance Lazar Krstić, Head of DIA Zoran Obradović and the then Chairman of the Securities Commission Zoran Ćirović.

Bearing in mind that financial stability is critical to economic development which creates preconditions for sustainable GDP growth and lowering of unemployment, as well as the fact that the global financial crisis continues to impact on the real economy, this interinstitutional body is to contribute to the strengthening and maintaining of stability of the Serbian financial system at large.

The Committee acts as an advisory body tasked with reviewing and assessing all issues and measures to be taken with a view to preserving financial stability. It also coordinates all key entities in this process. Harmonization of policies and measures, including timely and more efficient exchange of data and information pertaining to financial stability, contributes to enhancing the quality of monitoring and assessing of systemic risks, strengthening the resilience of the financial system in crisis situations, and taking of timely and adequate measures to preempt adverse effects in the financial sector and the economy.

Members of the Financial Stability Committee are NBS Governor, Minister of Finance, Head of DIA, Chairman of the Securities Commission, Director of the Administration for Supervision of Financial Institutions, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, NBS Vice-Governor in charge of financial stability, and General Manager of the Banking Supervision Department.