Conducting the examination period for brokers, investment advisors and portfolio managers

The Securities Commission will organize an examination period for candidates to acquire the titles of broker, investment advisor, and portfolio manager during the months of February/March.

The examination registration starts from October 23, 2023, and will continue until January 19, 2024. Candidates apply for the examination in accordance with the Regulations on acquiring titles and obtaining licenses for performing the duties of broker, investment advisor and portfolio manager by submitting an examination application on the appropriate form published on the Commission's website under the Education, Courses section, and by providing the necessary documents and proof of payment of the fee in accordance with the relevant tariff number from the Commission's Tariff Regulations.

The examination dates will be announced on the Commission's website after the deadline for examination registration. Candidates who have attended classes for acquiring the titles of broker, investment advisor, or portfolio manager, as well as candidates who have not attended classes since no classes were organized in this and the previous calendar year, have the right to register for and take the examination.

During the examination, parts of the examination cannot be recognized or transferred from previously passed examination areas.

Candidates who register for the broker examination may borrow the textbook "Financial Markets" published by the Securities Commission for the examination. The textbook can be borrowed on a loan basis at the Commission's premises, with mandatory return after the examination.

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