Cooperation Agreement Signed Between the Securities Commission and the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade

On October 9, 2023, in the premises of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between these two institutions. The Agreement was signed by the President of the Securities Commission, Mr. Marko Janković, and the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Zoran Mirković. The aim of the Agreement is to deepen collaboration between the Commission and the Faculty of Law through the exchange of experts and professors, organization of joint lectures and workshops, and involving students in the practical work of the Commission. This will lead to better integration of theoretical knowledge acquired by students at the faculty and practical experience, primarily in the fields of capital markets and digital assets. This Agreement marks the beginning of a more profound and comprehensive coordination between the Securities Commission and the Faculty of Law.

The goal of this partnership is to enhance understanding, education, and legal regulations in the domain of capital markets and digital assets. Through this collaboration, both entities will work together to create educational programs, research projects, and other initiatives contributing to the development of markets and strengthening the legal framework. The Securities Commission and the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, believe that this partnership will improve the efficiency and transparency of the capital markets, as well as legal certainty in the area of digital assets. Through the exchange of knowledge and resources, it is expected that the integrity and trust in these vital sectors of the economy will be further strengthened.

"We are delighted to have signed this significant Agreement with the Faculty of Law today, which will strengthen our collaboration with the academic community. Students will gain valuable experience that will aid them in their further professional development in this field," stated Marko Janković, President of the Securities Commission. Through this Agreement, students of the Faculty of Law will have the opportunity to undertake professional practice at the Securities Commission and gain valuable experience in market regulation and supervision. The Commission will provide students with insights into its operations and familiarize them with the legal regulations and daily functioning of the market in Serbia. This partnership represents a step forward in building a stronger and more educated community in the fields of finance and business law. The Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia and the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, eagerly anticipate positive outcomes from this collaboration, believing it will contribute to the development of expertise and improvement of the business environment in Serbia.