Upcoming reporting deadline for submission of annual statements 

Article 50 of the Law on the Capital Market provides that public companies are required to make their annual report public, communicate it to the Securities Commission and the regulated market or MTF, if the securities are admitted to trading, at the latest four months after the end of each financial year. 

As the deadline for submission of annual statements is 30 April and this year it is Saturday, a non-working day, public companies are to submit their annual reports by the following working day – Wednesday, 4 May 2022, by 6 PM, which is the end of working hours of the Securities Commission Electronic Submissions Gateway.

The Law does not provide for any exemptions for public companies, nor does it provide for any grounds to the Commission to extricate the companies from the obligation. Moreover, please note that under Article 290 of the Law on the Capital Market failure to submit the reports constitutes a misdemeanor. The Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Other Operating Result, Cash Flow Report and Statement of Shareholders’ Equity are compiled in accordance with the schedule and contents defined by the forms of annual, half-yearly and quarterly reports, available on the website of the Securities Commission (GFI-PD, GFI-OSIG/RE, GFI-B, PFI-PD, PFI-OSIG/RE, PFI-B, PFI-ZIF, PFI-BDD, KFI-PD, KFI-OSIG/RE, KFI-B, KFI-ZIF, KFI-BDD). Please note that the forms were changed for public companies and banks.

The Securities Commission Electronic Submissions Gateway was developed and launched for easy and quick electronic filing of regulated information by persons required by the Law to file with the Commission the regulated information.